Floyd Mayweather NFT tickets

When he was an active boxer, Floyd Mayweather adapted to any situation to beat his opponent. Now, he is looking to adapt to today’s market of fight fans.

On Saturday, May 21, Mayweather faces off against Don Moore in an exhibition bout. It will take place on top of the in Abu Dhabi inside the Etihad Arena on Yas Island. The original location was on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, and the original date was May 14. Tickets for the event will only be available for 20-plus VIP fans. All tickets will be sold as NFTs as part of the Global Titans Fight Series.

It is the first NFT-related pay-per-view sporting event.

Those who purchase an NFT ticket for the Mayweather vs. Moore fight will have opportunities to secure fight videos, photos and a special 3D VIP crystal ticket. Global Titans hopes to put on an event every three months. It will also look to secure more rewards for its NFT-based customers. NFT tickets were also used for a competition to win a trip to the debut fight event. Fight fans will be provided access to world game coins and exclusive content from Mayweather vs. Moore.

If fans buy the fight on FITE, they will pay $29.99. LIVEnow will produce the fight for $18.59.

By FireFoxCrypto

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