MoonPay is a financial technology company that builds payments infrastructure for crypto. Their on-and-off-ramp suite of products provides a seamless experience for converting between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies using all major payment methods including debit and credit card, local bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. MoonPay is active in more than 160 countries and is trusted by 250+ leading wallets, websites, and applications to accept payments and defeat fraud.

NFT Purchases

Bored Ape 1837
Purchased for 569 ETH on Feb-25-2022
Bored Ape 8353
Purchased for 46.6 ETH on Feb-18-2022
Bored Ape 6696
Purchased for 188.88 ETH on Oct-19-2021
CryptoPunk 3497
Purchased for 93 ETH on Feb-07-2022
CryptoPunk 7890
Purchased for 84.99 ETH on Jan-26-2022
Noun 112
Purchased for 118 ETH on Feb-12-2022
Woman 9391
Purchased for 54 ETH on Jan-12-2022
Woman 6795
Purchased for 32.5 ETH on Jan-12-2022

Notable NFT Mints

CloneX 4758
Minted on on Feb-23-2022


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