Dapper Labs Opens NFL Version of NBA Top Shot NFTs to the Public

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be the face of NFL All Day, launching after months in beta.

The football version of NBA Top Shot is finally live. Dapper Labs announced today that NFL All Day, the officially-licensed NFL NFT collectibles platform, has opened its doors to all collectors following a lengthy closed beta testing phase.

Like Top Shot, NFL All Day serves up tokenized video highlights as NFT collectibles, which can be bought, sold, and traded on Dapper’s marketplace. The platform similarly runs on the Flow blockchain which also powers Dapper’s UFC Strike platform and projects from an array of other brands and creators.

NFL All Day was announced last fall and was slated to open up by the end of the previous NFL season, which ended in February with Super Bowl LVI. However, it remained in closed beta after debuting in that form last December, gradually adding more and more users as it made improvements and added features over the past several months.

“Once we decided that we weren't going to launch prior to the Super Bowl last [season], I realized that we had the entire NFL offseason keep our heads down and focus on some of the most important features and game design elements that we want to include,” said Dapper’s Dave Feldman, senior VP of marketing and also a former NFL vice president.

While functionally close to the Top Shot experience, NFL All Day will be differentiated in terms of how Dapper approaches the content, Feldman said. He suggested that as-yet-unrevealed features will be unique in approach compared to NBA Top Shot, and that some content will be tied to the NFL’s schedule of primetime games.

According to Feldman, NFL All Day attracted nearly 200,000 paying customers to buy an NFT moment during the closed beta period, with “tens of millions of dollars” in sales to date. CryptoSlam indeed shows about $37 million to date worth of secondary market sales, on top of initial primary sales through the platform, per data from Cryptoslam.


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