Solana Now Has a Beer—With DeGods, Okay Bears and Other NFTs on the Can

A product of barrelDAO, Solana Summer Shandy beer features NFT avatars from the biggest projects on SOL.

There’s a Solana smartphone, and a Solana IRL store—and now a Solana beer.

Solana Summer Shandy just dropped today, but unlike the recently-opened store and upcoming smartphone project, this alcoholic lemonade shandy beverage doesn’t hail from the Solana Foundation or its core network contributors, Solana Labs.

Instead, the beer is the creation of barrelDAO, a brewery and distillery that is governed by users. Solana Summer Shandy is being released in limited quantities: just 333 total 16-packs of beer, each represented by a Solana NFT that can be purchased today and then redeemed starting Monday to receive the beer.

Who doesn't love a good Beer Commercial? 🍻🍋
Tomorrow 8/26 @ 11AM PT // 2PM ET

Sound on 🔊

— barrelDAO (🫡 , 🍻) (@barrelDAO) August 25, 2022

BarrelDAO intended to launch the sale earlier this afternoon on the top Solana NFT marketplace, Magic Eden, but as of publication was apparently issues with the drop with the drop. Each 16-pack sells for 1.35 SOL, or nearly $45 at present, and that price includes shipping to the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

And the beer represents Solana in more than just name and redemption tokens: the cans are also plastered with original artwork by Mark Lauthier featuring references to a wide array of Solana-based NFT projects, along with specific avatars within those collections.

Look closely and you’ll find imagery and other references to popular Solana NFT projects like DeGods, Degenerate Ape Academy, Okay Bears, Solana Monkey Business, Thugbirdz, Cets on Creck, Catalina Whale Mixer, and John Lê’s “The First Edition.”

Dave Goldman, co-founder and CEO of Barrel Labs, told Decrypt that barrelDAO itself owns about 20 of the individual NFTs that are referenced on the cans, while 23 of them appear via licensing agreements reached with the holders of the individual NFTs.

"Over the past three days, we painstakingly went through and licensed every single NFT used in this can design,” Goldman said Thursday. “We knew that this could kick off a big conversation about IP in the NFT space, and wanted to be sure that we set a standard for other [consumer packaged goods] brands to follow.”

In addition to launching NFT tokens to redeem for real beer, barrelDAO is also selling NFT versions of the digital artwork. Each edition of the artwork will sell for 0.69 SOL (about $23) and provide holders as-yet-unspecified benefits around future barrelDAO product releases.

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