Steve Aoki

Steven Hiroyuki Aoki is an American DJ, record producer, music programmer, record executive, and heir to his father Rocky Aoki's fortune from the Benihana restaurant franchise.

NFT Purchases

Doodle 2238
Purchased for 269.69 ETH on Jan-07-2022
Bored Ape 118
Purchased for 200 ETH on Dec-19-2021
CryptoPunk 9192
Purchased for 109.95 ETH on Aug-28-2021
0N1 2856
Purchased for 96.69 ETH on Aug-24-2021
Bored Ape 4190
Purchased for 53.69 ETH on Dec-12-2021
Bored Ape 3719
Purchased for 25 ETH on Aug-01-2021
Suffocate Hate
Purchased for 20 ETH on Sept-07-2021


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